The Need

Why another orphanage in Ethiopia, you ask?

Our family has lived in Ethiopia for the past two years and during that time we have meet countless thousands of orphaned children on the streets, children that we wanted to do something to help, but when we would try and do something we would always run into the same problem. Even though these children wanted to be in an orphanage, they could not, every single one of them, private or government run is full.

In Africa nearly 12% of the children are orphans, and Ethiopia has one of the highest orphan rates of any African country, and to make things worse the orphan population in Ethiopia is growing exponentially as HIV and malnutrition run rampant among the population. The infrastructure simply does not exist to care for the children who are left alone when their parents die.

Now its always staggering to hear these numbers, overwhelming really. But when you come right down to it, its not about the numbers its about each and every one of these children, its about orphans who are growing up on the streets only to give birth at a young age to more orphans. Each of them a child, a person, a human, no matter where they came from.

We have meet with the government officials and were told that the need for new orphanages is so great in this country that in Addis Ababa alone if we were to build to a capacity of two thousand children they would fill our orphanage in less than six months. Of coarse we would love to meet the needs of each and every one of these children, however we are going to be starting out a bit smaller and building from there.

Ours is a mission to build more capacity to care for the unwanted, discarded children of this country, and to give them a bright future by raising them in small Christian family groups and giving them access to the best education possible.

If you want to read more about the plans we do have and what we are doing to plan to give these children a future hop over here.


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